Ancient Hispania

An exploration of the descendants of the Iberian diaspora through genetic genealogy.


A searchable database of 11,000 Spanish, Portuguese, Hispanic and Latin American Y-DNA haplotypes is now online in the DNA section.



This website does not focus only on Iberia. It also explores the genetics of those who left Iberia and their descendants, wherever they may live. The data used for this website is about 40% Iberian and 30% Mexican, with the remaining 30% from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and other locations. It encompasses many nationalities, ethnicities, races, and cultures.

The statistical and genetic data in this website is taken from a database collection of Spanish, Portuguese, Hispanic, and Latin American Y-chromosome haplotypes. As of January 7, 2014 this database contains 11,000 records and it continues to grow. Various analyses such as those used in the Statistics page are currently being updated. Your patience is appreciated.




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